The Laughton Group
We work closely with a range of partners, both experimental and computational, to design and deliver software tools that support research in Chemistry, Pharmacy, Medicine, and Biological Sciences.

School of Pharmacy image

The School of Pharmacy, University of Nottingham: discovering and developing new medicines.

CCPBioSim image

CCPBioSim: the UK academic network for biomolecular simulation science, supporting capacity building and training.

HECBioSim image

HECBioSim: the UK academic consortium supporting biomolecular simulation science on national high performance computing facilities.

Radical CyberTools image

RADICAL Cybertools: promoting a standards-based, abstraction-driven approach to high-performance distributed computing

BioSimSpace image

BioSimSpace: Developing the glue to enable biomolecular simulation packages and workflows to seamlessly plug together.