The Laughton Group
We develop software for Biomolecular Simulation. Our aim is to make it easy for researchers to access powerful computational resources, and make the best possible use of them.

Crossbow image


Quick and easy deployment of bespoke, personal, compute clusters in the cloud.

Crossflow image


A simple Python toolkit for building and running workflows on distributed computing facilities.

pyPcazip image


A toolkit for analysing, mining, and validating MD simulation data by Principal Component Analysis.

CoCo image


The "Complementary Coordinates" method for enhanced sampling of molecular conformations.

Tios image


The Internet of Things for biomolecular simulation: remote control and sampling of MD simulations.

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A collection of easy to install, containerized versions of popular molecular modelling applications.

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A simple tool to launch and manage cloud computing instances on Amazon Web Services.

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Making it as easy to use high performance computing centres as to run simulations on local resources.

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